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My name is Paul Albers, I live in the Netherlands, I am married and have two children. As a proffesional I am working  As a IT Manager at: Loyall ICT Group a IT company That exploits A Datacentre. In my free   Time a spent my time with Photography, video and multi media.

Paul Albers - Creativity |

Paul Albers - Creativity |


Today I joined Medium. 

I joined this Blog to Promote photography. It all started with making photo's and having a lot of photo's. A thought that occured was: why don't I share mij pictures with the rest of the world. More people can enjoy what you make.

The next step was The desicion To start a website. I live in Europe so I registered a domain name:  The next step was looking for a cloud product that would facilitate, in a easy way, the making of my website. I ended up with Squarespace. 

Squarespace faciltates, a easy way, To create A website without Having knowledge of programming, html etc.

This was the start of the website: 

I started making the pages and the site is there. Main interest wil be Photography, video and multi media. 



Julia and the Fence  

Julia and the Fence  

Once you have a website you start thinking About promoting Your website.

Well the first step is optimizing the website for search engines. Squarespace makes This very easy. If you start building Your site you kan search there FAQ and al the Answers are there. 

The next step was To use the webmaster tools off search engines To faciltate that Your site is easly found in search engines. I started with Google en Bing. 

My website also Has a Blog so the next step was: I should publish my Blog with other Blogs and how can I reach as many people possible.

The Answer is social media. 

Squarespace is excellent equiped To promote Your site with social networks. 

In the last month   I joined a lot of social networks.

What you don't want is maintaining a lot off different social networks.

Squarespace makes This very easy. 

In Your website you can join the social networks you are member off. This a one time action.

The next thing is publishing in Your website. IT can be blog articles, photo's and video.  

On the moment that you publish in Your website you can decide To wich social network you want To publish.

The content is published on Your website and on the connected social network. 

For Facebook all that rests is sharing it.

It is as easy as that. 

The content of This Blog article I have made with the Squarspace app on a IPad. Naturely This is also possible on Your computer. 

Well I hope that you wil visit my website  Let me know what you thinking of it.